The Power Object

3 friends, 3 broken dreams & 1 magic vibrator


“Sex & the City” collides with “Team America” in this 9-episode comedy series that follows the adventures of three young San Francisco women who turn their loser lives around with the help of a magic vibrator.

In this premiere episode, Glenda, Hannah and Jessie realize their lives just aren’t what they thought they’d be.





  1. LOL, It’s Satan, he’s coming to get us!

  2. Too Funny!!! hahahaha…

  3. So funny. Great story telling. Way more compelling than SITC w/SJP.

  4. just watched it for the 4th time….still screamingly hilarious….will post it on my facecrack page…..marlena looks like a burner chick with a mission…..can’t wait for their further adventures……..xo ( is there a roadtrip in their future?)

  5. ok i have to say…wtf? with the dolls drinking problems? their glasses were bigger than them! how can you not love that the smart fat chick is told by the bitchy skinny boss that “psychedelic is spelled with an “s” and not a “p”. oh and is she wearing those jessica simpson “mom” pants? for fucks sake its so damn funny! how do people like you come up with this shit? damn i can’t wait for next week. can you maybe let me see all episodes at once? i have a.d.d. and its driving me nuts!!!! please???!

    • Career issues can cause massive amounts of drinking. Glenda’s not wearing mom pants but something flammable and stretchy. I’m thrilled you’re finding the show funny! Sorry about your ADD, but comeback next week and find out what happens. :)

  6. Love it! Can’t wait for episode #2.

  7. Hilarious!! Great work!! I love it and will be tuned in for sure.

  8. Love, Love it! Is Marlena always high with those crazy eyes? I love her and Hannah reminds me of Cindy Barshop NYC Housewife…! Can’t wait for more.

  9. Hannah worrying over satan cracked me the eff up at the end! “I don’t want to do anything where I have to marry satan” is brilliant. That’s TOTALLY a rational worry.

    • Exactly! Satan should never be discounted in such matters. So glad you cracked up!