"The Power Object" ... a 9-episode comedy web series that follows the adventures of three young San Francisco women who turn their loser lives around with the help of a magic vibrator.


LATEST NEWS for 2015!

"The Power Object" is now playing on renown sexologist Dr. Ava Cadell's recently launched awesome, informative and provocative site about all things SEX: sexpert.com
The series is getting a whole new lease on "sextainment" life.

I'm thrilled to have released my romantic comedy "Love Match." It's about a professional matchmaker who can't make her own match. If you liked the raucous fun of "The Power Object," you'll find it in this story, too. It's available for ebook and in paperback.


Check out chapter one!

Mistress Marlena’s Sexology

Mistress Marlena DeVinyl takes a moment during her popular and award-winning cable-access sex show to answer viewer questions.
Check out this THE POWER OBJECT spin-off series. 18 episodes WATCH NOW

Donnie’s Diatribes

Another THE POWER OBJECT spin-off. Donnie's outraged about everything–from pop culture to hair styling “dos & don’ts”– he can’t wait to share his opinion.
5 episodes WATCH NOW

Finally, A Web Series About Vibrators


"This is pretty good social satire, touching on things like brains versus beauty and how even a Berkeley Phi Beta Kappa can’t get ahead in television without a magic vibrator makeover..."

Film Essent (Movie City News)

"Crazyass...trippy...straight-up foul."

The Angry Asian Man